Japanese language testing

A language assessment is a useful tool for any HR department. A thorough and objective evaluation of all language skills, conducted by a language expert, allows you to:

  • judge if a candidate is fit for a certain job
  • decide if an employee is competent enough to be promoted
  • check if the target of a language learning programme has been reached, and this by an external third party
  • see if a collaborator is capable of expressing himself in certain specific situations (with a specific vocabulary or skills)
  • reveal the specific weak points in the language knowledge of an employee and include these in the annual evaluation
  • ...


  • We assess all language skills
  • We offer uniformity in language testing: 1 evaluator, same well defined testing criteria
  • Our evaluators are skilled native language coaches with many years of testing experience
  • You will receive a detailed report with a general feedback, the strong points and points to improve, plus a recommendation towards the future
  • Flexibility in planning, fast delivery of test results

Target audience

  • Human Resources¬†
  • Management


+32 (0)2 307 37 50


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