Mr Mentor is an innovative web based language learning tool. The app combines language learning with animation, entertainment and interaction, currently missing in today's market. Learning a language should a pleasure, not a chore. That is our vision.

Each level is made up of more than 800 short videos. At the end of each scene a multiple choice question will be asked. With the help of logic and the power of deduction, the user will be led through different points of grammar and vocabulary. Mr Mentor is a highly interactive tool that supports but also challenges the user on every step of his learning path. 

You think learning a language is really difficult? Time consuming? Boring? Not with Mr Mentor. Through animation new language elements will be presented to you in context, after which you can practice them interactively with the characters of the app.

Our app will be as funny and addictive as a game and yet as interactive as a classroom, with a complete focus on the development of your active language skills in an immersion setting.  

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