German Course for the Medical Sector

Semantics counts many medical professionals amongst our clients from surgeons to psychotherapists.

We appreciate that the language needs of this sector are many and varied. You may want to improve and expand your vocabulary, enabling greater communication with other medical professionals as well as patients.

Maybe the focus is on general language skills, to ease the stress of networking with peers at conferences or seminars.  Perhaps you are looking to improve patient care and the ability to explain complex medical information in layman’s language is paramount to you.

You may be hoping to study or practice abroad and want to ensure that your language skills don’t let you down.  Whatever your requirements, Semantics combines the ideal coach with a focused fast track language course.

Practical details

  • Individual language course, semi-individual language lessons (2-3) or a group course (4-6)
  • Packages of 30, 38 or 44 hours
  • Flexible schedule
  • Free preliminary screening
  • Language classes at your premises or language lessons our language school in Brussels (Etterbeek)
  • Tailor made programme
Hanane El Kenz - Clinical Biologist
I'm very satisfied with the English training. We got an excellent teacher who pushed us forward in a very pleasant and stimulating learning environment!


  • Enjoy greater interaction at medical seminars and conferences by increasing your understanding of native keynote speakers and delegates
  • Network confidently with colleagues from other countries and share knowledge and latest techniques
  • Increase patient confidence, enhance your 'bedside manner' and build rapport by communicating easily in the target language
  • Speed diagnosis by asking the 'right' questions using typical native expressions
  • Focus on vocabulary and structures pertinent to your specific field of expertise
  • Use role plays with your native speaking language coach to perfect your skills and 'rehearse' real life experiences


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Target audience

Doctors, practioners of the medical profession, specialists, surgeons, psychotherapists, nurses and hospital staff


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