English Course for HR

The many hats worn by an HR professional on any given day make this role one of the most demanding in business.

Human Resources personnel have to deal with many situations from handling negotiations and conflict management through to dealing with those ‘grey’ areas of employee management.  Stressful enough in your native tongue but far more demanding when several languages are required.

The Semantics language course for HR will guide through the nuances of the target language to ensure clear and concise communication every time.

Practical details

  • Individual language course, semi-individual language lessons (2-3) or a group course (4-6)
  • Packages of 30, 38 or 44 hours
  • Flexible schedule
  • Free preliminary screening
  • Language classes at your workplace or language lessons at our language school in Brussels (Etterbeek)
Karin Lallemand - HR manager Sidley Austin
I have found Semantics language coaching very useful and ideally suited for my work as HR manager. The teaching materials are comprehensive and of a high standard. I have made speedier progress with the Semantics course than with other language courses. It has been a great learning experience and also a pleasure.


  • Improved verbal communications at all levels
  • Greater confidence when dealing with native speakers
  • Discretion and diplomacy when handling difficult situations
  • Language for negotiations at all levels
  • Understanding nuances of language when problem solving
  • Polished written skills in all formats emails/reports/recruitment/contracts etc


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Target audience

  • You work at the HR department or as an independent HR professional
  • You work in a multilingual environment
  • You may deal with employees Internationally
  • You produce written communications in more than one language
  • You conduct multi-lingual interviews
  • You must avoid misunderstanding on legal and sensitive issues


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