Headquartered in Walldorf, Germany with locations in more than 130 countries, SAP AG is the world leader in enterprise software and software related services.

SAP required a language school that could offer a wide variety of tailor made courses to suit very specific corporate needs. The languages required were and are Dutch, French, English & German.

The brief was, and is, to achieve the following :

  • Improved internal communications with HQ in Germany
  • Improved internal communications with colleagues in Brussels office
  • Improved structures enabling smoother negotiations with international clients
  • Improved understanding of client's need during consultancies


After face-to-face language level tests undertaken at the SAP offices in Brussels, groups were formed and a variety of different course formats were chosen by SAP. 

This brief was, and is, complex due to the need to incorporate not only the formation of homogeneous groups, but also at the same time to focus on the varying needs of the students. To service these needs we organized and continue to organize:

Private one-to -one courses

  • Group courses with up to 6 participants
  • Semi private courses with up to 3 participants
  • Immersion courses undertaken at Semantics
  • Residential courses in the Belgian Ardennes
  • Skype classes for other European countries

Our continuous monitoring and progress program also allows us to adjust course content in 'real time' as a student's needs change, maybe due to a new contract they must service or international meetings they must attend.


The above combination of courses proved hugely successful when we began in 2011.

Skype classes proved an efficient way to manage geographical issues and furthermore, as they were conducted at the weekends, did not infringe on busy schedules. The larger groups and semi private groups incorporated useful and necessary job specific vocabulary and structures. Our 4 day residential courses in the Ardennes just as the immersion courses at the school, provided students with a fully tailored program of greater depth and intensity than more general weekly classes.

A huge variety of written materials and visual aids were used for all languages and at every level, but perhaps the most useful of all were the many role-playing exercises incorporated as coach became client and student became consultant.


Bruno Kindt - HR Manager SAP

"We are extremely satisfied with both the quality of the classes and the expertise of the language coaches provided by Semantics each and every time. As importantly, the administrative organisation, involving level testing, needs analysis, interim and final reporting has been exemplary. We have no hesitation in recommending Semantics."