The famhp is the competent authority for medicines and health products in Belgium.

Seen the international nature of their business, the famhp recognises the English language as their most important means of communication. For this reason the agency decided in 2012 to organise English group classes for their staff. 


A personal screening with every candidate was carried out at the client's premises. This allowed us to form homogeneous groups. During the needs analysis we could gather more information on the personal needs of the participants and take those into account when writing the content of the programme.


The pre-intermediate groups got a thorough refresher on basic tenses and structures. These were clearly presented by the language coach and practised meticulously afterwards. Flash cards and other visual tools were used to encourage the interaction with the language coach and amongst students. Memorising and repeating certain standard dialogues linked to professional situations ensured that the participants gained confidence little by little. The specific terminology was practised by means of Q&A and other creative activities. 

The intermediate groups briefly revised the basic tenses before moving on to the more advanced grammar structures. New tenses were clearly introduced in context and students at all times were encouraged by the language coach to participate. Several very useful phrasal verbs and work related idiomatic expressions were included in the programme. These were eventually consolidated by role-plays and improvisation games. These performance activities also included interviews during which the students got interviewed on their role within the agency and they had to give an overview of a typical working day. This activity lead to a firm consolidation of tenses, whereby students had to describe their working day in the past and future. Also newspapers and the internet were regularly consulted (eg. the website of NICE equivalent to FAGG) in order to evoke debates.

Xavier De Cuyper - CEO FAMHP

Brilliant language coach! Very well prepared and entirely adapted to my needs and my field of work. Excellent administrative follow-up!