ACV Voeding & Diensten


The Christian Unions of Belgium operate both nationally and federally.

The need for their personnel at all levels to be bi-lingual (Dutch & French) is paramount. Split into departments representing many different industries their requirements were two-fold. Firstly, to address language weaknesses, typically grammar structures and vocabulary secondly, to focus on the language of negotiations at a very high level. 


Face-to-face level testing was conducted by Semantics' Dutch and French language coaches. Following this testing a thorough needs analysis was carried out by the Management of Semantics in order to better understand the sensitive nature of their work.

Levels were diverse and ranged from beginner through to advanced. Homogeneous groups were formed, then specific work related needs were taken in to consideration. In total 70 personnel required language training and this process is ongoing.


Program content was split between high impact grammar exercises and 'in context' role-plays and debates.

Programs for the administrative department took a more functional approach.

Our 4-day residential immersion course was selected by the regional delegates whose needs were diverse. These participants needed a high intensity program but were time poor and others wished to focus on specific subjects such as negotiating employee's working conditions and defending their rights.


Pia Stalpaert - President ACV Voeding & Diensten

Our collaboration with Semantics began in June 2012 and is ongoing.

Our opinion is that all our collaborators are extremely happy with both the level and the quality of Semantics language courses. This is the first time that this opinion has been unanimous amongst our members!