German course for beginners

This beginner language course aims to provide the students with the foundations of the target language through a steady schedule and a very efficient way of teaching.

  • individual language course, semi-individual language lessons (2-3) or a group course (4-6)
  • flexible or fixed schedule
  • duration: individual = 30hrs; semi-individual = 38hrs; group = 44hrs
  • language classes at your workplace/home or language lessons our language school in Brussels (Etterbeek)
  • make progress at your own pace
  • the right pedagogical support for your needs
  • progress = 1 level

At the end of this language course, the student is capable of doing the following in the target language:

  • present himself
  • speak about daily tasks and habits
  • present his job
  • speak about life at the office
  • order a meal at the restaurant
  • shop
  • travel

Thanks to our communicative method, whereby the student has 50% of the speaking time, the new learner will feel comfortable in the target language from day 1 and will acquire automatic reflexes in the target language.

On top of that the interactive language course is supported by a very modern, structured and visually attractive language book, in which grammar, relevant vocabulary and key phrases are summarised together with a great variety of exercises. 

Li Zheng Duan - Sidley Austin
I have found Semantics’ language coaching very useful and ideally suited for a beginner. The teaching materials are comprehensive and of a high standard. I have made speedier progress with the Semantics course than with other language courses. It has been a great learning experience and also a pleasure!


  • flexible schedule (possibility to cancel)
  • quick progress
  • immersion method
  • rapid acquisition of automatic reflexes in the target language
  • maximum speaking time 
  • excellent pedagogical support 
  • 1 language course = 1 language coach (who fits your profile best)
  • centrally located language school (Etterbeek)


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Target audience

beginners or false beginners (no knowledge or limited knowledge in the target language)


+32 (0)2 307 37 50

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