Stress Management

Is your team feeling overwhelmed or beaten down by the constant pressure of meeting performance targets and deadlines? 

Stress can begin slowly and build over time. Everyone has to deal with stress both professionally and personally, no one is spared.  How we handle this is, in part, down to our own genetics, behavior and context.

One out of three of us suffers from chronic stress. Where this is not controlled it can have catastrophic results and both the individual and the organisation . Some of the effects can include:            

  • Complete burnout
  • High absenteeism
  • High labour turnover
  • Poor time keeping
  • Poor performance and productivity
  • Low morale
  • Poor motivation
  • Increased employee complaints
  • Increased ill-health, accident and incident reports

This specialist course 'Stress Management - 40+ ways to deal with Stress' helps each individual to discover the stress reduction practices that work best for them. 

Typical Example of a 2-part Stress Management workshop

Day 1: 9.30am-12.30am 

  • Why our brain is our best friend and still at times seems to sabotage you
  • The dos and don’ts for a better brain
  • How FOCUS is the key to taking our life into our own hands
  • The do’s and don’ts for improved focus
  • How STRESS can be an ally or a foe

 Sample workshop 2 (half a day)

  • Focus and the dual role of stress (understanding how stress works
  • 4 stress management strategies
  • How our MOTIVATION is the endless renewable fuel for our life engine
  • The types of motivation – intrinsic and extrinsic
  • Motivational strategies for stress resilience

Languages: Dutch/French/ English

Minimum/maximum number of attendees: up to 12

Who should attend

Individuals who feel that work related stress is affecting their performance and personality, team leaders looking to develop techniques and manage stress more effectively, managers working in high pressure environments and teams who want to maintain performance whilst encouraging a stress free company culture. Please note we do NOT hold 'open' group courses - different organisations sending participants. Courses are based on requests from companies to form 'closed' groups for their personnel. Not suitable for individuals.


Our trainer has a wealth of experience in the training arena having been responsible for Dale Carnegie Benelux and Director of the Institute of Neurocognivitism. 

His Leadership course was featured in Entrepreneur Magazine as on the ‘must-have’ online courses of 2017.

He recently launched the ground breaking training course Resilience, that offers blended learning and live workshops.


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