Our method is a direct communicative approach which aims to provide our students with automatic reflexes in the target language. 

Language items are always presented in a clear context. We don’t speak about the language, we speak the language! 

Our Language Coaches will nurture and engage the student at all levels. They have been trained to follow the student and know exactly when it’s time to push the student forward and challenge them. 

Our method is fully flexible and adaptable to each individual, but always result oriented

Our classes are extremely motivating and the student has a real feeling of being part of his/her own learning process. We interact, we exercise, we train, we check reflexes – we are real coaches…this is your first ever language gym! This is language learning at its most entertaining.

Semantics' Method:

  • Interactive and stimulating classes
  • Automatic reflexes in the target language
  • Real Language for Real Life
  • Personalised and nurturing approach
  • Memorable and enjoyable experience
  • Logical, progressive context
  • Flexibility – Encompassing your needs
  • Unique student – unique approach
  • De-mystifying grammar – clean your structures
  • Language work-out – Not only do we ensure you understand – we ensure you use everything you have learned
  • Activities designed to make you want to speak – Role plays, debates, games, challenges