Tailor made work can only be delivered based on a thorough and personalised preliminary track. Hence we always organise a face-to-face screening before starting a course.

A meeting with each student and a native language coach is scheduled at the client’s place of work. Through the means of an oral language test and a needs analysis we can ascertain the current language level of each student, determine his goals and recommend a type of course, course content and material that will best suit each individual/group. We also take this opportunity to explain the Semantics approach. In this way every student can see how this approach will meet his/her expectations.

The rationale for a face-to-face meeting at the customer’s site is threefold:

  • Semantics provides dynamic and interactive language training which primarily focuses on the development of active and practical skills. It’s a given that it is necessary to assess the active knowledge of the student immediately as opposed to basing a course on passive knowledge through written or online assessments
  • A face-to-face meeting will put the student much more at ease than a ‘faceless’ telephone test
  • A personal appointment is the best way to give the student a first impression of your services. At the same time it is a great opportunity for the student to make the acquaintance of a Semantics language coach for the first time without any commitment

Regardless of the number of potential students, this preliminary screening is absolutely free of charge and without any commitment from the client!