Priority Management

Being effective isn’t simply a matter of turning up and executing your role. Maximal efficiency gives you the edge over your competitors and enables you as an individual or as a team to complete tasks on time, every time.  Key features include:-           

  • Be productive not ‘busy’
  • Become less stressed, more motivated
  • How to prioritise using your own individual action plan
  • How to plan ahead and say no to ‘time wasters’
  • Handling interruptions and delegating the right way
  • Moving out of the crisis zone into the productive zone
  • Understanding your negative triggers and developing a positive mental attitude

Typical example of a Time Management individual workshop 

3 x 2 hour Workshops*        

Introduction & Presentation

  •    Using the MBTI journey to better understand YOUR organisational approach
  •    Understanding your personal stress resistance
  •    Examing the neurocognitive and behavioural pathways to stress management 
  •    Applying the Four Quadrants of Time Management

 Languages: Dutch/French/English

* Can be adapted as full day programme for up to 10 participants

Please note we do not hold 'open' group courses. Courses are based on requests from companies to form 'closed' groups for their personnel and/or individuals

Who should attend

This course is suitable for every individual who has to work to deadlines, organise events and tasks on behalf of themselves or others. It is particularly suitable for team leaders, supervisors and managers.


Some words from our coach......

"In my progression to management positions during my 25-year career in the airline industry, I realized that in the long run, the success of an organization is only possible when there exists a balance between high expectations and results, and the care of people delivering those results.

It has been my wish to contribute to the success of companies & individuals through professional training and coaching and as such, my complete career move came true in 2006.

Domains of expertise (cognitive and behavior change for better results):
personal development | personal effectiveness | trust | authentic communication skills | effective leadership | stress management | career development "

Time Management workshop training


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