Presenting for Performance

Presenting in business and television


Our coach has lived in Brussels for over 18 years but prior to that her working life was in the marketing and media industry for BBC joint ventures in the UK.  She has a Postgrad in Marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing in the UK. However, her journey to Brussels led her to develop a career in the NGO field, specifically in finance, administration, and HR.  Later, she discovered her passion for teaching English as a parent of a bilingual family.  She retrained with a CELTA and an MA TESOL from the Applied Linguistics department at Lancaster University in the UK. She developed a passion for sociolinguistics and communication-based methods of learning second languages.  Her thesis was based on an individual case study of one of her student's challenges with dyspraxia and dysphasia which affect language abilities. This enriching experience has colored her teaching approach ever since. 

Today, she is an established language and management training coach for specific work objectives such as presentations, interviews, improvisation, and fine-tuning of pronunciation. She has proven success in taking you to the next level in your presenting skills and your attitude towards presenting. You will achieve way beyond your own expectations, and you will finally be able to learn how to tackle your overly present nerves, anxiety, and stress when it comes to presenting.  Like many voice coaches who think if you have a voice you can sing…she believes if you have a voice you can present…. but much better than you think.


+32 (0)2 307 37 50

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