What makes a good leader? Such a simple question and yet it continues to challenge some of the best thinkers and it is rare that we ever pause and define good leadership...

The Science of Leadership uses the latest insights in cognitive psychology and brain science to build a bridge between how our brain works and how to use that knowledge to improve our leadership abilities. 

Key Benefits:

  • Enables you to acquire tools to engage your team/s
  • Helps you to understand and differentiate between the different motivational sources available
  • Insight into the negative impact of stress on your team
  • Assists you in applying these motivational sources to develop your team's true potential
  • Empowers you to lead effectively, now and always

Typical Example of a 2-part Leadership workshop* 

Day 1: 9.30am-12.30am

  • Building a ‘better brain for empowerment
  • Activities for boosting decision making
  • Making smart decisions and critical thinking
  • Reinforcing cognitive skills for memory & focus

Day 2: 9.30am-12.30am

  • Non- conscious communications & how to influence them
  • The difference between leadership and dominance
  • Managing conflicts skilfully
  • Creating change that sticks
  • Driving innovation

Languages: Dutch/French/ English

Minimum/maximum number of attendees: from 1 to 10

Please note we do NOT hold 'open' group courses - different organisations sending participants. Courses are based on requests from companies to form 'closed' groups for their personnel. This short course can be adapted to provide a more tailored and in-depth one to one training

Who should attend

Anyone who wants to facilitate change management and increase employee engagement. An effective leadership course enables you to clarify your vision, encourages introspection, builds confidence and teaches you how to influence people for the greater good. This course is particularly suitable for department heads, Senior/Upper & Middle Management.


Our trainer has a wealth of experience in the training arena having been responsible for Dale Carnegie Benelux and Director of the Institute of Neurocognivitism. 

His Leadership course was featured in Entrepreneur Magazine as on the ‘must-have’ online courses of 2017.

He recently launched the ground breaking training course Resilience, that offers blended learning and live workshops.


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