What makes a good leader? Such a simple question and yet it continues to challenge some of the best thinkers and it is rare that we ever pause and define good leadership...

Key Benefits:

  • Enables you to acquire tools to engage your team/s
  • Helps you to understand and differentiate between the different motivational sources available
  • Insight into the negative impact of stress on your team
  • Assists you in applying these motivational sources to develop your team's true potential
  • Empowers you to lead effectively, now and always

Each course uis tailor made to reflect the ethos of your organisation and individual circumstance. 

Please note we do NOT hold 'open' group courses - different organisations sending participants. Courses are based on requests from companies to form 'closed' groups for their personnel. This short course can be adapted to provide a more tailored and in-depth one to one training

Who should attend

Anyone who wants to facilitate change management and increase employee engagement. An effective leadership course enables you to clarify your vision, encourages introspection, builds confidence and teaches you how to influence people for the greater good. This course is particularly suitable for department heads, Senior/Upper & Middle Management.


In my progression to management positions during my 25-year career in the airline industry, I realized that in the long run, the success of an organization is only possible when there exists a balance between high expectations and results, and the care for people delivering those results.
It has been my wish to contribute to the success of companies & individuals through professional training and coaching and as such, my complete career move came true in 2006.

Domains of expertise (cognitive and behavior change for better results):
personal development | personal effectiveness | trust | authentic communication skills | effective leadership | stress management | career development | …
Training can be delivered in French, Dutch and English.

Leadership and Management Workshop


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