Authentic Communication

How do you achieve true, respectful and effective communication with a high impact ?
Authentic communication helps to confront any kind of difficult situation related to unfulfilled expectations, broken promises, bad behaviour.....

Objective of the workshop

Building effective working relationships thanks to open, clear and constructive communication and by developing mutual respect and trust on a long-term basis.

During this workshop, participants will put into practice an approach with an immediate impact on ways of working together and achieving results by:

  • defining clear expectations

  • giving constructive feedback

  • improving active and empathic listening

  • treating everyone with respect

    The Tool

    Authentic communication is a simple model inspired by:

  • Humanistic NLP (neuro-linguistic programming)

    the relational scarf, perceptual positions...

  • Transactional Analysis

  • assertiveness, the 'I' language,...

  • Active and empathic listening

  • Crucial Confrontations 

  • the 6 sources of influence...

  • Neurocognitive and Behavioural approach

  • instinctive positioning, prefrontal modes..

  • The JOHARI-window
  •  functional space,personals pace,blind spot and the unconscious

  • A 2-day workshopIndicative programme:

  • An introduction to communication

  • Basic model and fundamental laws

  • The three dimensions of the relationship

  • The basic model of authentic communication

    A deep-dive into the model using an inductive approach

    step by step based on personal cases,using exercises,roleplays and a summary final exercise

  • Closure

Who should attend

Directors, Managers and Teams who are struggling to find synergy or who are striving for it.


In my progression to management positions during my 25-year career in the airline industry, I realized that in the long run, the success of an organization is only possible when there exists a balance between high expectations and results, and the care for people delivering those results.

It has been my wish to contribute to the success of companies & individuals through professional training and coaching and as such, my complete career move came true in 2006.

Domains of expertise (cognitive and behavior change for better results):
personal development | personal effectiveness | trust | authentic communication skills | effective leadership | stress management | career development | …
Training can be delivered in French, Dutch and English.


+32 (0)2 307 37 50

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