Report Writing

Many consider report writing an extremely stressful process. The gathering of information, often from many sources, deciding on what is relevant and what's not and then how to present the findings in an attractive and readable format causes anxiety to the most seasoned writers. Not to mention hitting the right note in the Executive Summary- the 'must go to' part of the report. We may also be tasked with this challenge in our second or even third language. 

Key Benefits

  • master how to build a clear logical structure, saving you time...every time
  • learn how to edit and focus only on the important
  • discover how to write reports people actually WANT to read
  • produce the language that echoes your company culture

Typical example of a 1 day (6 hours) Report Writing Workshop


  • Introduction
  • definition of a report
  • understanding the brief
  • analysing the data
  • creating a logical structure
  • table of contents
  • let's write!


  • the importance of the Executive Summary
  • keeping it jargon free
  • explaining graphs and tables
  • appraising and editing
  • conclusion and call to action
  • Summary

Language: English 

Minimum/Maximum number of attendees: 1-8 

Please note we do NOT hold 'open' group courses - different organisations sending participants. Courses are based on requests from companies to form 'closed' groups  for their personnel. We can, of course, always organise intensive workshops for individuals.  

Who should attend

This course is suitable for anybody that either anticipates having to write reports in the future, or is already producing reports and is looking to improve. Participants may be working, for example, in an academic environment, a commercial environment, an NGO or in an organisation aimed at influencing policymakers, such as lobbyists.


Our trainer completed her years of study at Oxford University, UK, with a PHD in Anthropology & Political Science She is also a research fellow at ULB, Brussels. A published writer herself, she has gone on to coach many in professional writing skills for both academic and commercial purposes. 


+32 (0)2 307 37 50

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