Pyramid Writing

Professional Writing

Whether you are aiming to make waves and ruffle a few feathers, bury bad news or simply communicate directly with the wider world, every word you write counts. Using the Pyramid method, long practised by professional journalists, will help you focus on what's important and what's not. Whether you are writing your next novel, an academic paper, a press release, marketing and promotional material, web content or for social media this methodology will help you focus on getting your message across powerfully. 

Key Benefits

  • study the tips and tricks of writing for maximum impact
  • learn how to prioritise information to grab the reader
  • save precious time without compromising quality
  • discover how to apply this method to all your professional writing

Typical Example of a 1 day (6 hours) Pyramid Writing Workshop


  • What is Pyramid Writing ?
  • Who? What? When? Where? Why? How? 
  • Comparison with traditional writing styles
  • Let's share examples
  • CIP (The Clearance Principle) 


  • How efficient is this?
  • Ruthless Editing
  • Let's write!
  • Team work and presentations
  • Discussion
  • Feedback

Language: English 

Minimum/Maximum number of attendees: 1-10 

Please note we do NOT hold 'open' group courses - different organisations sending participants. Courses are based on requests from companies to form 'closed' groups  for their personnel. We can, of course, always organise intensive workshops for individuals.  

Who should attend

Any personnel or individuals who produce, written material for either the press, shareholders or the wider public, website/social media content, newsletters, brochures, marketing and advertising, reports, academic papers and/or publications


Our trainer completed her years of study at Oxford University, UK, with a PHD in Anthropology & Political Science She is also a research fellow at ULB, Brussels. A published writer herself, she has gone on to coach many in professional writing skills for both academic and commercial purposes. 


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