The Power of The Brain

The journey to really understanding your brain is one of empowerment. Our brain, of course, plays a critical role in everything we do from learning, playing and working, to our aptitude, personality and memory. It is hardly surprising that ‘listening’ to our brain has a massive impact on us and those around us.

Cutting edge brain research is all very well, but how do we translate that into concrete strategies we can seamlessly integrate into our professional and personal lives to really sharpen our minds?

This fast paced, fun and interactive half day workshop (3.5 hours) will give you specific tips, tricks and tools to boost those areas of your life you feel need improving.

From memory and focus, to leadership and motivation, sales and marketing or stress management and much more… 

Typical example of a half day workshop*


  • Brain Quiz!
  • What are the dos and don’ts ?
  • 5 key elements for brain health
  • 3 brain killing activities
  • 2 brain boosting activities
  • Improve your performance – the best practices for sharpening cognitive skills; memory; focus; executive function; willpower and decision making

Languages: Dutch/French & English

Minimum/Maximum attendees: 8 to 20

*Running order may change

Please note we do NOT hold 'open' group courses - different organisations sending participants. Courses are based on requests from companies to form 'closed' groups for their personnel. Due to group work, which forms part of the programme, this course is not suitable for individuals.

Who should attend

Specifically intended for those who are motivated to seek strategies that will enhance their professional role and who are seeking solutions for difficult decision making processes. However, this course is suitable for literally all levels within an organisation such as administration, secretarial, department heads, middle and upper management and corporate heads.


Our trainer has a wealth of experience in the training arena having been responsible for Dale Carnegie Benelux and Director of the Institute of Neurocognivitism. 

His Leadership course was featured in Entrepreneur Magazine as on the ‘must-have’ online courses of 2017.

He recently launched the ground breaking training course Resilience, that offers blended learning and live workshops.


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