Negotiations Skills

We all learn the art of negotiation as infants, intent on getting an extra slice of cake or an extended bedtime.  Children are masters in the art but as we get older self doubt and insecurity can often creep in.

How often do we truly believe we have negotiated effectively, with colleagues, customers, suppliers and in our personal lives ? Are we falling into the same old traps? Do we have a nagging feeling that the ‘other side’ always gets a better deal ?

Negotiation skills training is available for experienced and inexperienced negotiators and for those wishing to refresh their existing skills.  Negotiations can take many forms from selling & purchasing through to managing conflicts and general business.

Typical Example of a Negotiation Skills workshop

Part 1

  • Choosing a communication style that suits you
  • The importance of setting objectives, what is crucial and what isn’t
  • Empathising with the ‘other’ side
  • Listening skills and the art of silence
  • Developing your emotional intelligence 

Part 2 

  • Pre negotiation preparation, the win-win and fall-back positions
  • Managing entrenched client negotiating positions
  • Loss of composure under pressure
  • Reading the buying signals
  • Recognizing when to walk away

Languages: English

Minimum level required: B1.2

Minimum/maximum number of attendees: Up to 6

Please note we do NOT hold 'open' group courses - different organisations sending participants. Courses are based on requests from companies to form 'closed' groups for their personnel or for individual training.

Who should attend

Any individual who is tasked with building relationship with others and influencing both within and outside of your organisation. Those in a sales or recruitment role. Union representatives and those within the organisation who have to manage difficult relationships with clients and other external contacts.


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