The Virtual Classroom

Interactive distanced learning has become a necessity in times of Corona, and undoubtedly this will become the new 'normal' means of organising language training courses within your company. In addition, the virtual classroom offers many benefits:

  • exactly the same progress can be expected as traditional face-to-face training
  • the same interactive teaching methodis applied, ensuring the development of active language skills in your professional context
  • our virtual classroom has all the necessary equipment: a digital blackboard to take notes, a chat to exchange written messages, document and screen sharing and even the option to record the class
  • flexibility in schedule & location
  • social distance: follow your language course in total safety
  • time saving: no need to travel
  • budget saving: no travel means no associated costs
  • increased quality: all these benefits lead to an increase in quality. Your teacher completely focuess on what matters - your progress

Semantics uses Ms Teams or Webex for the organisation of its virtual language training courses. 

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