Academic Writing

Academic writing requires a very special skill set that is not learned by osmosis. Whether, for example, you are currently at university, or a researcher required to write academic papers or indeed you are hoping to begin or further your education abroad, you will already recognise that powerful, persuasive and coherent writing is the key to success.

Key Benefits

  • understand the importance of ruthless research
  • master how to argue effectively
  • discover how to apply the rules to improve grades and feedback on your work
  • benefit from the experience of an academic coach

Option 1

Typical subjects covered (Tailor Made Workshop format. Choice of 1/2, 1 or 2 full days)

  • understanding the basic tenets of academic writing 
  • writing clear sentences
  • go with the flow - structring your sentences & ideas to flow seamlessly
  • carry your argument forward effectively
  • polishing your paper - edit and proofread efficiently
  • create meaningful and memorable research paper titles
  • impactful introductions and conclusions
  • dealing with abstracts
  • punctuate perfectly
  • avoiding plagiarism
  • overcoming writer's block

Option 2

  • choose a workshop ( 3, 6 or 12 hours) for immediate help with your research, essay, thesis or academic paper. this option can also be used for proofreading a thesis.

Language: English (minimum B2 level required)


Who should attend

University students, academics writing in English as a 2nd language, academic researchers and anyone wishing to begin or continue their education abroad.


Our coach has lived in Brussels for over 18 years, but prior to that, her working life was in the marketing and media industry for BBC joint ventures in the UK.  She has a Postgrad in Marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing in the UK. However, her journey to Brussels led her to develop a career in the NGO field, specifically in finance, administration, and HR.  Later, she discovered her passion for teaching English as a parent of a bilingual family.  She retrained with a CELTA and an MA TESOL from the Applied Linguistics department at Lancaster University in the UK. She developed a passion for sociolinguistics and communication-based methods of learning second languages.  Her thesis was based on an individual case study of one of her student's challenges with dyspraxia and dysphasia which affect language abilities. This enriching experience has colored her teaching approach ever since. 

Today, she is an established language and management training coach focusing on specific work objectives including presentations, written communications, interviews, public speaking and fine-tuning of pronunciation. She has a wide client basis covering legal, consultancy, and EU organizations who seek to gain clarity and confidence in their own writing. She has a proven track record in training groups and individuals, holding writing workshops for both companies and at Solvay Business School.

Ultimately her aim is to give you the tools to improve your cohesiveness, and structure in all your Academic writing.


+32 (0)2 307 37 50

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